3 Facts About Radon In Kansas City

As one of Kansas City’s leading home inspectors, homeowners ask us if they should test for radon every single day. Our answer is always the same… Yes! Why should homeowners and home buyers in Kansas City test for radon? For safety and security in your home. Radon, the odorless gas, is one of the most established health issues in Kansas City homes today.

Kansas City Radon Facts

  • Radon is the second-leading cause of lunch cancer in America, closely following behind the first-leading cause, smoking.
  • If a smoker’s home has high levels of radon, 4.0 or higher, you are seven times more likely to contract lung cancer.
  • Radon-related cancer kills more people each year than drunk-driving. Check out the EPA’s startling graph below:

Radon is dangerous. Not only is it harmful to Kansas City homeowners, but you can’t see it coming. It is often referred to as then “Silent Killer”. Radon is an odorless and invisible. You can’t see, smell or feel radon entering your home. Scheduling a radon test in Kansas City isn’t just a formality, it’s an important step in home safety.

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