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Overland Park: A Perfect Suburban City

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Here’s a brief history of Overland Park.  There couldn’t be a home inspection in Overland Park until William B Strang Jr.  came along.  Overland Park KS was founded by William B Strang Jr in 1905.  Strang began developing Overland Park by building along old military roadways which eventually became what we now call “Downtown Overland Park”.  Over the next century it is unlikely that Strang could have predicted that what he began to develop would encompass all it does today.  Overland Park is the second most populous city in the state of Kansas and in the Metro area boasting a population of nearly 200,000 residents.  Geographically Overland Park extends nearly the entire North to South corridor of the East side of Johnson County.  Overland Park was awarded “Best City To Raise A Family” and “One Of The Most Popular Cities For Millennials” in 2018.

As a side effect of all of the incredible growth in the area, there is excellent employment opportunities, shopping, and dining.  Additionally we have some of the highest rated schools in the entire country.

Of course, if you live in the Metro now, you already know all that OP has to offer.  Hire us to complete your home inspection in Overland Park and we will ensure that the house you selected is the home you want for your family.

How To Find A Licensed Home Inspector Near Me

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Due to the size of the city and the age range of the homes in our area there can be an equally wide variety of issues that show up in a home inspection.  There are issues that are more prevalent in the older areas of town as well as other issues such as Radon that are more prevalent in the newly developed areas in the southern reaches of the city.  We have specialized in completing comprehensive home inspections in Overland Park for over a decade.  The experience we have includes inspecting the smaller 1000 square foot homes built over crawl spaces to the larger homes of up to 8 or 9000 square feet.  The larger homes having multiple Service Panels and elaborate HVAC systems that require an expertise and experience not found with other providers.  When we complete a home inspection in Overland Park you can rest assured that we have seen a home very similar, maybe even on the same street, as the one your hired Metro to inspect.

What types of inspections should I select for a home in Overland Park?  Typically we recommend the standard package of inspections which includes inspecting the home, checking the home for termites and completing a radon analysis as a minimum.  These are recommended as a baseline but can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

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Radon Testing In Overland ParkRadon Element

A home inspection in Overland Park (and really anywhere) should include testing for Radon, including those that already have mitigation systems installed.  Radon is can be prevalent in our area and the levels can fluctuate significantly over time.  Due to this fluctuation even homes that have been mitigated in the past may need to have their systems adjusted to ensure safer levels are present.  See the EPA website for additional information on Radon when purchasing your home.

Sewer Scan In Overland Park

Sewer Scan Image

A home inspection in Overland Park should also include a sewer scan or scope as large portions of the homes were built prior to 1985.  Homes built prior to this date are very likely to have clay tile (terracotta- like the plant pots) sewer lines.  As these pipes are 30 plus years old they are likely to have some cracks in them due to the dynamics present in our soil.  Our soil has a high clay content and as this soil moves from freezing and thawing over time it can cause some of the joints in these pipes to open.  Additionally, it is quite common for homes in these areas to have mature trees which can find and exploit leaks or damage in these sewer lines and cause additional hidden damage to them.  A repair in a sewer line, or worse, a replacement can be very costly.  The average cost for replacing a sewer line is over $7500 and can go up drastically depending on the length of the line and access (big trees) to it.  Our home inspections all come with a FREE 100 day warranty.  See our Sewer Gard program video for additional details.

Termite Inspection In Overland Park

Worker Soldier Swarmer Termites

There are others that also love living in OP and they are the house eating termites in the ground.  These guys are active 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Despite common misconception termites don’t hibernate in the winter.  Their activity does slow but it never completely stops.  Termites continue to do more damage to homes every year than all other perils combined including the fires in California and the flooding in Texas and Florida.  If you are borrowing money for the purchase of your home your lender will likely require that a termite inspection be completed in order to close your loan. A home inspection in Overland Park is not a requirement but a termite inspection is likely required by your lender and is required by all government backed (FHA and VA) loan programs.

Other Inspection Within Your Home Inspection Cost

We also provide the following services in addition to your home inspection cost.  Call or click to chat with our office for current pricing on these items

  • Thermal Imaging (Free and Included in every inspection)
  • Mold Testing/IAC (indoor air quality)
  • Engineering Reporting (Raised PE Stamp Provided)
  • Pool/Spa Inspections
  • Chimney Inspections