What Is Mold In Kansas City?

What is mold in Kansas City?  Mold is a fungus, and like all fungi, it grows and thrives in moist damp places in a home or commercial property.  Mold continues to grow and spread by emitting spores, which are microscopic particles, often as small as a simple cell.  These spores float and travel through the air until they land on a surface suitable for its survival.  Mold spores are everywhere, both inside your home and outdoors.  Removing all mold spores from your home is nearly impossible without installing some sort of large industrial clean room filtration system, but removing most of these spores will do the trick and keep you and your home safe and clean.


Mold spores in Kansas City only form when they land on moist or damp surfaces.  If you keep the interior of your home or business dry, you can avoid mold growth and mold related issues.  The best way to prevent mold growth in Kansas City is to simply clean up any liquid spills, repair leaks in your roof and plumbing, and make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are property vented so moisture effectively leaves the inside of your Kansas City home.  If you continue to follow all these simple steps, your mold inspection should come out showing low levels of mold spores in the air.

Following a mold inspection from Metro Property Inspection, it’s time to take action!  There are two main reasons to remove any mold growth in your home; firstly, mold damages the surfaces it grows on, and secondly, mold aggravates allergies and asthma.  Schedule your next inspection today, and take control of your mold!