Why Referrals Are Important In Real Estate Marketing

As a certified home inspector in Kansas City, we work diligently to market our business, services, specialities, and elevator pitch to as many real estate professionals as possible.  What we, and hundreds of other real estate businesses, have found is that the real estate industry is truly a “referral” business.  One of the best ways we have focused our Kansas City home inspection marketing to be more referral based is through testimonials.  Today we are going discuss why testimonials are important, how to obtain testimonials, and where you should share testimonials.  Metro Property Inspection has been Kansas City’s trusted licensed house inspector for the last 15 years, and we are excited to continue growing together.  Let’s dive in!

Why Are Testimonials Important When Looking For Referrals?

Testimonials are one of the most powerful quality assurance elements that potential clients look for when searching for a business to work with, especially when it comes to selling their beloved home or purchasing their dream home.  Just look at companies like Uber and Airbnb.  The reviews and testimonials of each drive and renter will greatly affect your decision to interact with them personally or professionally.  Because real estate is such a personal and emotional industry for most people, sharing quality testimonials of your work is essential to growing any business in the real estate world.

How To Obtain Testimonials

Getting clients to give you quality testimonials is quite a simple process, especially for home inspectors in Kansas City.  It’s as simple as reaching out to clients, relatively soon after the business between both parties is complete, and asking them to write a few words about their experience with your house inspection company.  You’ll be surprised how so many people want to share their experiences, both positive and negative.

When asking clients to review us, a home inspection company in Kansas City, we know that the sellers and buyers of a property often have different goals and expectations of companies like ours.  Asking to hear feedback from your clients, both sellers and buyers, can help you further understand your future client’s wants, needs, and expectations.

Where should testimonials be posted?

Your website is always a great place to post positive testimonials about your Kansas City real estate business.  Ideally, clients will be giving you testimonials through your Google profile, Facebook page, Yelp profile, or any other online platform your company uses.  It’s often quite simple to install a widget to your website so that any review that is posted to any of your third party platforms gets automatically uploaded to your website.