4 Reasons You Need A Mold Inspection (Mold Inspection Guide)

At Metro Property Inspection, we provide clear and accurate mold testing results for Kansas City homeowners, but how do you know that you need a mold inspection? Here are 4 reasons you need a mold inspection in Kansas City.

Why Get A Mold Inspection?

you need a mold inspection from Metro Property Inspection in Kansas City

After completion of your mold inspection from Metro Property Inspection, you will know how much mold your home has, what kind of mold it is, and it poses any health risks for your home’s residents.

Our team of certified home inspectors offers quick turn-around time for all of our inspections, but especially mold tests. The health of your home’s residents is important to us, so we are dedicated to getting your mold test results to you as quickly as possible due to keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

If you see or smell mold in your residential or commercial Kansas City property, schedule a mold inspection with Metro Property Inspection today!

4 Reasons You Need A Mold Inspection

  • You Are Buying Or Selling A Property (Residential or Commercial)

Mold testing is an important part of proper home inspections in Kansas City.  Whether your listing a home or looking into buying a home in Kansas City, receiving a mold inspection from a trusted mold expert is essential to having all the information you need on the property to make the best choice on whether to list or buy said home.  A positive mold inspection in Kansas City can even alter the terms of a transaction in some instances, which is why scheduling a mold inspection is so important.

  • You Have Recently Had Flooding In Your Property

Did you know that mold can start growing within 72 hours after a flood or leak?  Trust us, 72 hours goes by fast, especially when you’re trying to rid your home or commercial property from the flooding.  If that time period has passed you buy, don’t wait any longer!  Call Metro Property Inspection today to schedule an inspection for mold testing in Kansas City to make sure you don’t have any mold!

Do you feel that you have somehow become allergic to your own home?  If so, it’s most likely mold.  Being exposed to elevated levels of mold for a prolonged period can lead to health problems, especially for children or elderly residents.  If you notice you or your children wheezing or struggling from congestion in your home, receiving a mold inspection can help point you in the right direction of getting rid of that stuffiness!

  • After Removing Mold From Your Home

Receiving a mold test in Kansas City can help a homeowner learn that they need to remove mold in their home, but also check to make sure that all the mold was properly removed from your home.  Ensuring the mold removal process was done correctly, simply schedule a second mold inspection to ensure your home is finally rid of mold.  Schedule a mold test in Kansas City to ensure that your home is rid of mold and your air is clean.

If You Answer “Yes” To Any Of These Questions, It’s Time To Test For Mold!

you need a mold inspection from Metro Property Inspection in Kansas City
  • Does your home smell stagnant or musty?
  • Do you or your family members suffer from frequent rashes or irritations?
  • Are you often short of breathe in your home?
  • Do you or your family members have constant colds, allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses?
  • Do you suffer from itchy watery eyes, nose, or throat irritations?
  • Are you buying or living in a home that has suffered from a flood, roof or plumbing leak?
  • Are constantly wheezing, coughing, and struggling from sinus congestion?
  • Are you constantly tired and suffering from headache or having trouble sleeping?