Sewer Scope Inspections

Who Needs A Sewer Scope Inspection?

Every home buyer should have a sewer inspection done on the home they’re purchasing. There is no way to assess the integrity of the sewer pipes without a sewer scope. Running water to test for an immediate back up doesn’t stress the system enough to tell you about the line itself or the potential for problems in the future any more than flipping on a light switch can tell you about the electrical wiring in your new home.

Do I need a sewer inspection on a newer home?

Yes! Even though newer homes are likely constructed with more durable PVC pipe, there’s no way of knowing the condition of it without seeing it on video. PVC piping has been known to separate and sag at the joints, creating a belly in the line impeding flow. This is one reason why scheduling a sewer scope inspection is so important!

What is involved in a sewer inspection?

Sewer inspections assess the conditions of the main sewer line of a home, and help home owners and buyers determine if they need sewer repair. Sewer inspections give peace of mind, knowing that a home buyer can use the home’s facilities without fear of sewer failure or back up.

Is a sewer inspection worth it?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average sewer repair in Kansas City is between $4000 and $20,000. Investing in a sewer inspection saves you money by not learning of a damaged sewer after purchasing the home.