5 Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioner Efficient During the Summer in Kansas City

Summers in Kansas City can get hot and humid, resulting in uncomfortable in-home conditions. We all want our air conditioning units to work properly, even at the hottest temperatures. Today we are going to break down several easy steps you and your clients can take this summer to ensure your air conditioning unit stays healthy and operating to its full potential. Let’s beat the heat with these 5 steps to keep your air-conditioner efficient during the summer in Kansas City!

5 Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioner Efficient

1. Remove Debris From Inside Your Unit

As simple and obvious as this step seems, it is important to the proper function of your air conditioning unit. Using a screwdriver, remove the fan cage on your unit, and lift the fan grill away from the top of the unit. You can use your hands or a wet/dry vacuum, clean all leaves and debris from inside your unit. Of all the 5 steps to keep your air-conditioning unit efficient, this might be the most important. Many homeowners never actually open up their unit to clean the inside.

5 Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioner Efficient

2. Clean The Fins

Using a shop vacuum, or another powerful suction-based cleaning tool, remove all the outside dirt from the outer covers on your unit. Then, using a gentle stream of water from your hose, spray the fins from inside-out, in order to safely remove any dirt or debris that may have built up over time. Make sure to never use a pressure washer, as it may damage the fins.

3. Straighten The Fins

5 Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioner Efficient

The reduction of airflow through the fins is what causes reduced efficiency in your unit, so it’s important to not only clean them but ensure they are straight and positioned properly. You can straighten the fins of your unit using a butter knife or a “fin-straightening tool” from your local hardware store. Be slow and gentle, ensuring that you don’t damage the tubing embedded within the fins.

4. Clear The Area Around Unit

This step also feels simple and obvious but is important to ensure that the previous steps you have taken to keep your unit operating efficiently have a longer effect. After replacing the fan cage, previously removed in step #1, rake away any leaves, branches, loose dirt, or other debris away from the unit. Routinely keep any and all debris at least 2-feet away from your unit at all times. The more dirt and debris enter your unit the less efficiently it will run, and the more you’ll have to repeat steps #1-#3.  

5. Replace The Blower Filter

The filter in your HVAC system should be replaced twice a year, once before the heating season begins, and once before the cooling season begins. The 5th step in our 5 steps to keep your air-conditioner efficient again seems simple, but many homeowners don’t regularly change their filters, resulting in a less efficient HVAC system. Be aware that if you live in a more dusty area, you might want to consider replacing the filter more frequently. Remember to always replace the filter with one that has the same “airflow rating”, because it will keep the airflow consistent, preventing your indoor coils from freezing due to reduced airflow.