Can You Fail A Home Inspection In Kansas City?

Can you fail a home inspection in Kansas City? Just like you cannot fail a physical exam when you see your doctor, a house in Kansas City cannot fail a house inspection.  A house inspection in Kansas City is strictly a visual examination of a home’s overall condition in that specific snapshot in time.  Your licensed home inspector in Kansas City will report “observations” when creating your home inspection report, but no matter how many “observations” a home receives from any certified home inspector, the house cannot fail a it’s inspection.

If a house cannot fail a Kansas City home inspection, then what are specific deal breakers that certified home inspectors in Kansas City might observe and report?  Again, there is not a true answer to this question because each property and each buyer is objective and circumstantial.  Perhaps a buyer might be looking for the best property to flip and use for unlimited DIY project potential, or a buyer might be looking for a home ready to move in and live comfortably immediately; it all depends on the buyer.  The job of every home inspector in Kansas City is to provide all available information in their report so that the buyer can evaluate the property clearly to determine whether it is right for them. 

What shouldn’t a home buyer expect from their home inspection or licensed home inspector in Kansas City?  Firstly, it is important to remember that a home inspection is not an appraisal.  An appraisal determines market value.  It is also not a municipal inspection, which verifies if the property is in accordance with local code compliance.  Home inspectors also do not do any destructive testing or inspecting.  This means that your home inspector will not damage, remove or adjust any aspect of the home to survey inaccessible areas of the home.  A house inspection in Kansas City will also not report on every nail, wire, and pipe in the home, but rather informs the buyer of the condition of each category of the home. 

Licensed home inspectors in Kansas City work tirelessly to ensure that every client, buyer, or seller, has the full picture of their home.  A quality home inspection should give the client enough information, evidence, and observations so that they can clearly determine whether purchasing or selling that home is the right decision for them.  Every step of the real estate transaction process can be confusing, especially for first time home buyers and sellers, but we are here to help.  If you have a question about the house inspection process or our home inspection cost, feel free to call Metro Property Inspection today!