Why The Rain Is Your Friend When House Hunting In Kansas City!

It’s easy to picture a beautifully sunny day out showing homes to potential buyers, but rain and storms can offer huge advantages to both agents and potential buyers. The rain should never keep you inside, but rather out searching for homes that withstand harsh weather. The rain is your friend! When conducting Kansas City home inspections we always reassure buyers and their agents that just because it might be raining, doesn’t mean that the home inspection will turn out negatively, but rather that the rain will give your certified Kansas City home inspector a better view of what kind of condition the home is in. Today, we are going to be discussing why the rain is your when house hunting in Kansas City!

Benefit #1: Easily Spot Roof Issues

Whether you’re purchasing a Kansas City home with a budget roof or a million-dollar roof, they both have one job to do, keep out rain, debris, and help insulate the home. Even if the home you’re showing has a brand new roof, the rain is a great indicator if the roofing company installed the roof properly. In this case, showings and home inspections in Kansas City during the rain are blessings in disguise. Even a few minor roof issues might become more visible and apparent during light rains.

Benefit #2: Show Any Drainage Problems

Kansas City homes have to stand up to high winds, heavy hail damage, and unrelenting storms all year round due to the crazy weather in our amazing city. When it rains, you and your client will better see if the home has any drainage issues. Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking at drainage issues with your next client:

  • Where is the water puddling?
  • Does water drain toward the foundation or away?
  • If water does puddle where it shouldn’t, have proper drainage systems been installed to counteract this puddling?

Remember, if a home doesn’t have good drainage through its soil, this can be bad for the home’s foundation. And as we all know, especially older Kansas City homes, any home in Kansas City is eligible for foundation issues.

Benefit #3: Basement & Crawlspace Issues

No one ever wants to purchase a home, and then wake up one morning to a flooded basement. This only makes life stressful for all parties, agents and inspectors included. Home inspections are exclusively a professional observation of the home at the time of inspection. Due to the limitations of home inspections in Kansas City, and limitations due to showing times, it’s always safe and preferred when a client can inspect the basement themselves during a storm or heavy rain. Trust us, it won’t be hard to determine if a basement or crawlspace has any issues with liquid or moisture during a heavy storm. Certified Kansas City home inspectors are trained to look for even the smallest of issues in this area.

Benefit #4: Bad Gutters & Downspouts

Second, to the roof, the gutters and downspouts are on the front lines during a heavy Kansas City storm. They need to properly move water from the roof away from the home to protect your foundation, windows, doors, basements, and other areas water might find easy entry points. While too much rain can easily overwhelm any gutter system, having them inspected by a professional home inspector in Kansas City during a storm is never a bad idea. If the water is overflowing from the rims of the gutters, it might be time to schedule a house inspection in Kansas City.

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