Radon Myth #8: Radon Tests Are Inaccurate

Radon Myth #8: Radon Tests Are Inaccurate Radon Myth #8 says that “Short term radon tests are inaccurate”, which is not true. During a real estate transaction, a buyer has 10 days to conduct all the inspections that are necessary on that particular property. Due to the timeline of real estate transactions, there is simply not enough time to conduct a long-term radon test. Naturally, that leaves buyers testing for radon with only one option, short-term radon tests.

Metro Property Inspection’s radon tests are reliable and cost-effective. Our short term radon tests last 48 hours, where our radon machine will take 48 readings of the radon levels in the home (one reading each hour). After the 48 hours are complete, our machines average the 48 radon level readings to give us an accurate reading of the radon levels in your home. If the average reading of the home exceeds 4.0 pci/l, then we highly recommend the buyer or current homeowner mitigate their home by installing a radon mitigation system. If the average reading is 3.9 pci/l or less, then installing a mitigation system may not be required, but it will never not be encouraged.
To learn more about radon’s health side-effects, visit the EPA’s website: https://www.epa.gov/radon/health-risk…