Top 10 Items Certified Home Inspectors In Kansas City Find

Most Kansas City real estate transactions are contingent upon an acceptable home inspection, meeting the buyer’s satisfaction.  This is why, as a home buyer, finding a professional licensed home inspector in Kansas City is important to understanding both the state of the home and the better understanding of the transaction overall.  Even as a seller, receiving a pre-listing house inspection in Kansas City can give you a better idea of what strengths and weaknesses your home has, and what potential buyers might value or be weary of.  Today we are going to discuss the top 10 items certified home inspectors in Kansas City find on a regular basis.  Let’s dive in!

  1. Faulty Wiring

Kansas City has a wide real estate market.  Being that there are homes that range from new construction to over a hundred years old, this is a common issue that Kansas City home inspectors often find.  This could be due to them installed incorrectly, old and outdated, or just in need of replacement.  Make sure to keep an eye out for faulty wiring on your house inspection report.

  1. Poor Grading & Drainage

This common home inspection report observation can range from spongy soil around the foundation of the home, to signs of leaking in the basement.  In this situation, Kansas City house inspectors will often encourage the buyer or seller to hire a structural engineer to give them a more in depth idea of the importance of the potential damage.

  1. Faulty Gutters

Does your home have clogged, bent or broken gutters.  If you receive this observation on your pre-listing home inspection report, this is a great project or repair or improve before listing your home.  Potential home buyers love seeing new or professionally repaired additions to the home!

  1. Basement Dampness

This is an observation that is unfortunately common and could mean a number of different things.  This observation could potentially mean water stains, powdery residue on the walls, or an infestation of mold or mildew.  This is something Kansas City home inspectors often find in older homes.

  1. Roof Problems

Brittle, curled, broken, or missing shingles and flashing is a common unhealthy sign of a home.  In Kansas City, where we often receive lots of wind and hail throughout the year, there are many local companies ready and able to help you repair your roof at a reasonable cost.  Don’t know of anyone?  Your local home inspectors in Kansas City are here to help you along the way!

  1. Foundation Flaws

Cracks in the foundation, sloping floors, and sticking doors can often lead to a home inspector and structural engineer giving you a report with foundation observations.  

  1. Poor Upkeep

Observations in this category will be things like poor installation of a DIY project, cracked driveways, worn carpeting, etc.  These observations are common and often not enough of an issue for buyers to turn away from a home.

  1. Faulty Plumbing

Inadequate water pressure, slow drains, signs of leaks on ceilings and more.  These are common observations when a home has faulty plumbing.  Receiving a sewer scope inspection and a thermal imaging inspection is a great way to better understand the health of your home’s plumbing.

  1. Poor Ventilation

Extreme heat in the attic or vapor condensation are common issues found in both new construction and older homes in Kansas City.  The cure involves ensuring that the roof soffits are not blocked, and the installation of additional roof vents.

  1. Defective Heating

Cracks in the heat exchanger or water rank, and carbon monoxide leaks are signs of defective heating and heating systems.  Resealing chimney flues, and replacing sacrificial anode in the water heater are great ways to repair these issues.