Why Not To Waive Inspections To Win A Contract

When a buyer finds a home they are interested in making an offer on, they are often given a 10-day inspection window to conduct a home inspection. In today’s Kansas City market, buyers are often having to pay above the asking price for their offer to appear appealing to the seller. We understand that during this 2021 real estate climate, waiving your home inspection might sound like a good idea, but there are risks associated with that decision. At Metro Property Inspection we believe that home inspections are not just for a buyer to be informed of what needs to be repaired in a home before moving in, but rather home inspections are to educate the buyer on the condition of the home, both present, and future. In this article, we are going to cover:

  • What A Home Inspection Is
  • Why Home Inspections Are Important
  • Why Waiving A Home Inspection Is Never A Good Idea

What Is A Home Inspection?

Home inspections are a visual evaluation of a home, from the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation. It’s an important step in the home purchasing process that informs buyers of what may need attention before finalizing a contract. Though not always required by your mortgage lender or realtor, it is often a highly recommended step to ensure you’re investing in the right property, especially when paying over the asking price.

When making an offer above the asking price for a property to be noticed by the sellers in today’s market, it’s more important than ever to hire a certified home inspector to conduct a thorough home inspection. Because you are having to pay above market value for the home, it’s vital that you know if there is something wrong with the roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. Paying above the asking price or market value often results in home buyer’s not having as many funds to conduct future home repairs, home improvements, or renovations necessary for the upkeep of the home. With Metro Property Inspection, not only does your home inspector and inspection report provide you with a comprehensive review of the condition of the home and its systems, but we also provide you with warranties to cover future failures or changes in many systems in the home that might occur after moving in. In short, a home inspection not only informs buyers, but it protects buyers.

What Does A Home Inspection Cover?

A licensed home inspector checks the performance of the home’s systems, including the roof, driveway, foundation, framing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and much more.


Some Specific Areas Inspected:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Window alignment
  • Septic tank and pipe leaks
  • The condition of roof shingles
  • Sufficient insulation
  • Basement and garage foundations
  • Proper functioning of appliances
  • Proper ventilation
  • Up-to-code wiring
  • Proper functioning of circuit breakers
  • Operational fire and carbon monoxide alarms
  • The general condition of windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and walls
  • and more!

Additional Inspections Include:

  • Radon Testing
  • Termite Inspections
  • Structural / Foundation Inspections
  • Sewer Scope Inspections
  • Mold Testing

Why Waiving A Home Inspection Is Dangerous

Home inspections aren’t just a leveraging tool for buyers when purchasing a home; they’re also important for future planning. Much of the information you learn from your home inspector and home inspection report can help you predict future expenses, which can include replacing your roof or water heater. For home buyers having to make an offer above the asking price of a home, this information is invaluable to a buyer’s ability to maintain a healthy home.  

Now you’re ready to schedule a home inspection! We know the process of purchasing a home can be exciting, exhausting, emotional, and often stressful, especially in today’s market. Metro Property Inspection is here to calm your nerves. Please take the time to learn about the inspection process, future homeowner resources we provide, and warranties we offer with every home inspection. From the entire Metro Property Inspection team, we are excited and honored to serve you!

How To Schedule A Home Inspection

what to expect from a home inspection from metro property inspection in kansas city

When scheduling a home inspection with Metro Property Inspection, you have two options; you can call or text us at 913-390-9001, or schedule your home inspection with our online scheduler.

From our entire team of certified home inspectors here at Metro Property Inspection, we are excited and honored to serve you and the rest of Kansas City’s real estate industry.

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