Why Thermal Imaging Is The Most Important Part Of Your Kansas City Home Inspection

Home inspectors in Kansas City use a variety of tools to ensure that your home, or future home, is safe, secure, and perfect for you and your family. One of the most critical and important tools home inspectors use is the Thermal Imaging camera, or infrared camera. Thermal imaging cameras don’t just help your home inspector inspect your home, but they help you know the true state of your home. That is why the inspectors at Metro Property Inspection offer Thermal Imaging for FREE on every single inspection provided.

Thermal imaging cameras pinpoint differences in temperature, and render the differences in various colors. For example, dry carpeting is going to show as a different color than wet carpeting due to the cooler temperature.

The naked eye cannot differentiate between temperatures, which is why thermal imaging cameras are so important. Thermal imaging cameras give you and your home inspector a look under the surface and behind the curtain of the facade the home is presenting.

Take a look at what an impacting difference thermal imaging cameras can make on a home inspection:

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